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Full Name

Ambar Di Pietro



Resides in

Buenos Aires, Argentina



Eye Color


Hair Color



Esmeralda Di Pietro (mother)
Ezequiel (father)


Violetta Castillo
Olga Peña
Germán Castillo

First Episode

Season 2, episode 23

Last Episode

Season 2, episode 28

Portrayed By

Agustina Cabo

Ambar Di Pietro is Esmeralda's daughter. She's manipulative, capricious and flippant. She owns a tablet, where she records what others do and extorts them to her advantage.

Ambar is portrayed by Agustina Cabo.


She seems to be a nice and sweet girl, but she's really manipulative. She records people who does something bad on her tablet and make them do something for her. She stops, because Violetta tells her that it'll ruin friendships.

She seems to be a good girl in till she see's you doing something wrong.

Character History

Season 2

Part 1



  • She has a tablet.
  • She's Esmeralda's daughter.
  • She threatened Jade and Matías about that she would tell Germàn about their secret plan.
  • She made Ramallo take her to the zoo, Violetta to take her in the Studio and Olga making her a chocolate cake.
  • She doesn't like fruit in her cake.
  • She thinks that Germàn is really nice.
  • Her biggest dream is to become a dancer.
  • She called Violetta her sister.
  • She stayed for a few days at the Castillo's house, because her dad, Ezequiel, had to go on some business trip and Esmeralda had to take care of her.
  • She likes the way that Violetta sings.
  • German helped her with her homework.
  • The first epiosde she was in she was in Violetta room when Violetta walked in the room.


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