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Angélica Carrara
Full Name

Angélica Carrará



Resides in

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Eye Color


Hair Color



Angie Carrará (daughter)
María Saramego (daughter)
Germán Castillo (son-in-Law)
Violetta Castillo (granddaughter)
Unknown husband


Unknown husband


António Fernández
Pablo Galindo

First Episode

Season 1, Episode 25

Last Episode

Season 1, Episode 80

Portrayed By

Nilda Raggi

Angélica Carrará is the mother of Angie Carrará and María Saramego. After the death of her daughter María Saramego, she tried to find a way to communicate with her granddaughter, Violetta Castillo.

Character history

Angélica made her first appearence in Episode 25, when she saw Angie walking down the street. She wants to get contact to her granddaughter, Violetta, but Angie stops her. Thanks to António, she got to hear Violetta singing in Episode 30, when she sang Te Creo.

When Violetta found out the truth, Angélica took to Buenos Aires to see her granddaughter, and tried to convince her to tell the truth. But Violetta didn't let her, but they agreed that as soon as the show was over, she'll tell the truth.


  • She and Pablo are good friends.
  • She's also friend with António.
  • She tried to find a way to communicate with her granddaugher, Violetta.
  • The first time she met Violetta for real, was episode 71 of season 1.
  • She and Violetta made a deal; Violetta had to tell her father the truth after the big show.
  • She ships Pablangie.

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