Antonella Gonzalez
Full Name

Antonella Gonzalez


Anto (by Julieta)



Date of Birth

February, 19th 1998

Resides in

Buenos Aires, Argentina Mexico City (former)



Eye Color


Hair Color



Julieta Gonzalez (sister) León (cousin)


Julieta Gonzalez (best friends/sisters)


Violetta Castillo Camila Torres Francesca Caviglia


Studio On Beat


Antonella Gonzalez is a 15-year-old girl, who just moved to from Mexico City with her sister Julieta Gonzalez and is now a student at Studio On Beat. She is very outgoing, loud and crazy, like the opposite of her sister. She dreams to become an international opera singer someday.

Antonella Gonzalez is a made up character by TinistaGabriela.


Antonella is a very outgoing, loud, mindful and crazy girl. She doesn't have man friends since she is constantly moving a long with her sister, Julieta Gonzalez. She's not afriad to speak her mind at any given time. She dreams to become an international opera singer someday in the future. She can be very opinionated at times. She's very smart and loves studying. When she makes up her mind, there is no turning back, no matter what. She's very focused and hard-working. She never quits on anything! She loves learning new a choreographies.


  • She loves singing to opera and classical music.
  • She loves to dance ballet.
  • Her favorite songs are "Ser Mejor" and "Podemos".
  • She said Violetta and Camila are her favorite singers at YouMix.
  • She is Mexican.
  • Her sister is Julieta Gonzalez
  • She ships Leonetta.
  • Her favorite subjects are Math and English.
  • She speaks Spanish, English, Portuguese, French and Italian.
  • She loves reading and writing like her sister.
  • She doesn't like Ludmila, nor Lara.
  • She's a V-Lover.
  • She is cousins with León.
  • She doesn't have a diary, she thinks it's very silly to have one.
  • She loves white chocolate.
  • Her best friend is her sister, Julieta Gonzalez.
  • She loves Camila.
  • She loves the song "Ven y Canta".
  • She loves Studio On Beat.
  • She loves ice-cream.