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Antonella and Julieta Gonzalez



Antonieta (Anton/ella and Juli/eta) is the pairing between two sisters who are best friends also known as, Antonella Gonzalez and Julieta Gonzalez. Who just moved from Mexico City and are now attending Studio On Beat and are loving it. They both love music and want to become international singers. They have their differences, but they get along very well.

Antonieta is a pairing made up by TinistaGabriela.

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They are very different from one another, but they are always there to support one another in every situation. They share everything from secrets to boys to fashion. They are very loyal and hard-working. They love having moved to Buenos Aires and wouldn't leave for anything. They both want to follow their dreams.


  • They both love reading and writing.
  • They both want to become international singers when they grown up.
  • They both attend Studio On Beat.
  • They both said Violetta and Camila are her favorite singers at YouMix.
  • They both are cousins with León.
  • They both ship Leonetta.
  • They both love Buenos Aires.
  • They both love music.
  • They both wish they were twin sisters.
  • Their favorite song is "Ven Y Canta".


  • Julieta likes pop and rock, while Antonella likes opera and classical music.
  • Julieta has a diary, while Antonella doesn't because she thinks it's silly.
  • Julieta is more quiet and shy, while Antonella is more outgoing and loud.
  • Julieta loves adventures, while Antonella doesn't.


  • Julieta likes calling Antonella, "Anto" for short, but Antonella doesn't like it.
  • When Antonella was young she used call Julieta her "superhero sister".
  • Julieta is sometimes get's jealous that Antonella has a boyfriend and she doesn't.