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Diego and Ludmila
Characters Shipped

Diego Hernández and Ludmila Ferró


Best friends/Possible crushes


Dieletta, Fedemila, Ledmila, Diecesca, Tomila

Portrayed by

Diego Domínguez and Mercedes Lambre

Diemila (Die/go and Lud/mila) is the friendship/romantic pairing between Diego Hernández and Ludmila Ferró.

They have been best friends since they were very young and they help and care about each other a lot. They had a plan to destroy Violetta and make her leave Studio On Beat, but their plan failed, yet they still have a very strong friendship.





  • They both attend Studio On Beat.
  • They can both be very mean sometimes.
  • Both are good dancers and singers.
  • Both can play the guitar.
  • They both had a secret that they couldn't tell anyone, especially Violetta.
  • Both changed a lot in season 3.


  • Diego likes Violetta, but Ludmila hates her.
  • Diego has brown hair, and Ludmila has blonde hair.
  • Diego is Spanish, and Ludmila is Argentinean.
  • Ludmila has been at the Studio for a longer time than Diego.
  • Diego can, sometimes, be a nice person, but Ludmila was always mean (until her real character was revealed).


  • They have been best friends since they were very little, and they always used to play pranks on other people and they were very nasty to people.


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