Full name

Emily Yamada


Em (by everyone)
Irish (By Jade)

Emily is an Irish 12-years-old who loves music. She is a nice and friendly girl, but rebellious too. She is best friends with Violet Letra and Rachel. She also has a cat named Elmo.

Emily is a character made up and portrayed by DjCadence ThePenguin.


Emily is a sweet girl, friendly and bright, yet rebellious. She is usually honest, but lies sometimes. She can be cheeky at times.


  • She is a really picky eater.
  • She Loves R5.
  • She attends a private school.
  • She has a big stuffed toy collection.
  • She is a gamer.
  • She speaks three languages, Irish, English and Spanish
  • She owns a lot of technology.
  • Her favorite song is "Be Better".
  • She loves Kinder Eggs.
  • She loves "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic".
  • She has met Jedward and Jeff Rich.
  • She has 13 Build-A-Bears.
  • Her best friends are Rachel and Violet.
  • She almost got caught ditching school.
  • She doesn't like school.