Jackie Saenz
Full Name

Jacqueline Saenz


Jackie (by everyone)



Resides in

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Dance teacher (former)

Eye Color


Hair Color



António Fernández (uncle, deceased)


Pablo Galindo (ex-boyfriend)
Beto Benvenuto (former crush-by-on)


Pablo Galindo
Beto Benvenuto
António Fernández


Studio On Beat (former)


Studio On Beat (former)

First Episode

Season 2, Episode 1

Last Episode

Season 2, Episode 55

Portrayed By

Valentina Frione

Jacqueline "Jackie" Saenz is a former dance teacher at Studio On Beat. She is also António's niece. She had a crush on Pablo for a long time, and she was very jealous of Angie, as she knew that Pablo and Angie used to date and that they still have feelings for each other. She is a very strict person and was always strict with the students in her dance class, but she isn't as bad as Gregorio, whom she dislikes.

Beto also used to have a crush on her. Later in the series, she quit her job at the Studio because everyone was stressing and annoying her, and she was mad at Pablo.

Jackie is portrayed by Valentina Frione.


Jackie is a very good dance teacher, but the only problem is that she is very strict. She gets jealous very easily, like when she found out that Pablo still has feelings for Angie. She gets stressed easily too. When Gregorio or any other person makes her annoyed, she starts to yell and act rashly. That's one of the reasons why she quit her job at the Studio.

Character History

Season 2

Part 1

At the beginning of Season 2, Jackie first came to the Studio because António wanted her to be the dance teacher and replace Gregorio. When she arrived, Beto fell in love with her, but she always flirted with Pablo and also saw Angie as an enemy because she knew she and Pablo still have feelings for each other.

Part 2

At the end of Season 2, she and Pablo broke up because Pablo still had feelings for Angie. She also quit her job at the Studio in episode 55 because everyone was annoying her. And since then she kept ignoring everyone there.


  • She is António's niece.
  • Gregorio didn't like her very much because he thought she tried to steal his job.
  • Angie dislikes her because she has a crush on Pablo and Jackie dislikes Angie because she knows that Pablo still has feelings for her.
  • She and Pablo kissed.


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