Julieta Gonzalez
Full Name

Julieta Gonzalez


Julie (by everyone) Juliet (by Ludmila)



Date of Birth

January, 16th 1997

Resides in

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mexico City (former)



Eye Color


Hair Color

Brown with camarel highlights


Unknown mother
Unknown father
Antonella Gonzalez (sister)
León (cousin)


Violetta Castillo
Camila Torres
Francesca Caviglia


Studio On Beat


Julieta Gonzalez is a 17-year-old girl, who just moved to from Mexico City with her younger sister Antonella Gonzalez  and is now a student at Studio On Beat. She is very nice and friendly, but lonely. She is looking forward and searching her first love.

Julieta Gonzalez is a made up character by TinistaGabriela.


Julieta comes across as a shy girl, but once you get to know her she is full of life and is a very loyal friend. She doesn't have many friends, because is constantly moving. She looks forward to her first kiss and first date someday. She also wants to get a dog. She is a very honest and faithful girl. She is also very supportive and is always smiling. Living in Buenos Aires has been such a fun experience for her and she loves it here. She couldn't imagine leaving. She falls in love very easily and often takes big risks. She's not afraid to show people who she really is. She's very dramatic and excited.


  • She loves singing and dancing.
  • She is Mexican.
  • She said Violetta and Federico are her favorite singers from the YouMix.
  • She is cousins with León.
  • She ships Leonetta.
  • She said her favorite songs are "Cómo Quieres" and "Hoy Somos Más".
  • She loves eating cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies.
  • She's a V-Lover.
  • She doesn't like Ludmila, nor Lara
  • She has never had her first kiss or her first date.
  • She thinks Francesca is adorable.
  • She likes being called Julie.
  • Her favorite subjects are History and Science.
  • Her dream is to become an international pop and rock star someday.
  • She has a younger sister called Antonella Gonzalez.
  • Her sister is her best friendAntonella Gonzalez.
  • She speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish.
  • She is currently learning French and Italian.
  • She has a diary which she writes a lot of her thoughts in.
  • She wishes she had a dog.
  • She is afraid of spiders.
  • She loves reading and writing.
  • She can rap and dance hip-hop.
  • She loves adventures.
  • She loves Buenos Aires.
  • She thinks Naty has an amazing voice.
  • She loves León's song "Entre Dos Mundos".
  • Ludmila sometimes calls her Juliet.
  • She loves candy.
  • She can't live without music.
  • She can be very emotional sometimes.
  • León thinks she's very dramatic at times.
  • She loves reading poetry.
  • She comes from a rich family.
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