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Cast Shipped

Lodovica Comello and Xabiani Ponce De León


Close Friends/Co-workers


Mechiani, Mardovica, Ruggovica

Lodobiani (Lodo/vica and Xa/biani) is the real-life friendship pairing between Lodovica Comello and Xabiani Ponce De León.

They are very good friends in real-life and have a lot of fun together, especially on the set of Violetta.

For the pairing in the series of Francesca Caviglia and Marco Tavelli, see Marcesca.



  • Both speak Spanish.
  • Both were in Violetta En Vivo.
  • Both are a part of the main cast in season 2 of Violetta.
  • Both are in Violetta:La Pecílcula.
  • Both are in season 2 and some of season 3 of Violetta.
  • Both were invited to participate "The U-Mix Show".
  • Both have black hair.
  • They both have a tattoo.
  • Both aren't participating in Violetta LIVE.


  • Lodovica is 25 and Xabiani is 20.
  • Lodovica is Italian and Xabiani is Mexican.
  • Lodovica was in Season 1 of Violetta but Xabiani wasn't.
  • Lodovica can speak Italian and Xabiani can't.
  • Lodovica has hazel eyes and Xabiani has brown eyes.
  • Xabiani was born in Mexico City and Lodovica was born in San Daniele del Friuli.
  • Lodovica was in all of Violetta 3, but Xabiani wasn't.
  • Lodovica is married but Xabiani is single.


  • They were special guest stars of the episode 11 of The U-Mix Show.


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