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May 29, 1998

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Lena Vidal

Lucía Gil Santiago, (born May 29, 1998) is a Spanish singer and actress, best known for winning the first season of the Spanish version of the Disney Channel singing competition "My Camp Rock". She has also starred in several TV series, including Gran Reserva and La Gira.

Life and Career

Although Lucía Gil first rose to fame when she won the first season of the Spanish version of My Camp Rock in 2009, by that time she had already participated in the TV singing competition Veo Veo at the age of seven and had uploaded multiple videos of cover songs on YouTube. In 2009, at the age of 10, Lucía Gil entered the competition My Camp Rock produced by Disney Channel Spain. She advanced to the semifinals and then the finals. Having received the most votes on the Disney Channel Spain website, she was announced as the winner. Also in 2009, Lucía Gil was called by RTVE to play the part of the daughter of one of the two protagonist families in the TV series Gran Reserva. It was premiered on La 1 in 2010 and gained Lucía more fame, but her character was killed in an accident at the end of the first season. Presently, she acts in two TV series, La Gira, produced by Disney Channel Spain, and Violetta, produced by Disney Channel Latin America. For La Gira ("On Tour"), which is about musicians and where Lucía plays one of the main characters, the singer of the band Pop4U and she has also recorded several songs. As of May 2013, Lucía Gil is filming a new TV series called The Avatars. The series is in English, with American actors, and is aimed at the international market. It is produced by the Spanish company Portocabo and is being filmed in Spain. There is already a preliminary agreement to broadcast it in Italia on Rai Kids and in Germany. Lucía will play Carmen, a videoblogger and fan of a band named The Avatar. Carmen will come to USA to meet her favourite band and will join the fight against other girls for the heart of the main male protagonist.


Year  Title  Role  Notes 
2009 My Camp Rock Contestant Winner
2010 My Camp Rock 2 Herself Disney Channel Star
2010-2011 Gran Reserva Claudia Season 1
2011-2013 La Gira Laura Disney Channel Original Series
2012-2015 Violetta Lena Vidal Recurring Character
2013 La Gira: Luces, Cámara, Acción Hostess Contest
2014 The Avatars Carmen Musical Program

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  • She sings the Spanish version of the song "You're My Favorite Song", which is from Camp Rock 2: Final Jam. She also sang it in an episode of Violetta.
  • She has a sister named Natalia.
  • Her zodiacal sign is Gemini.
  • Her fans are called "Lugilators".
  • She was born in Madrid
  • She sings the Spanish version of the song 'Determinate' (from Lemonade Mouth) with her band, Pop4U.
  • She also sings the Spanish version of the song 'Can't Do It Without You' (from Austin & Ally) with her band Pop4U.
  • She wrote a book about herself called "Mis 5 colores de la felicidad" (My 5 colors of happiness).[1]
  • She has confirmed that she's coming back to Violetta 3.[2]


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