Mercina (Merc/edes and Mart/ina) is the real-life friendship pairing between Martina Stoessel and Mercdes Lambre. They are very good friends and are together a lot of time, either in an interview, in their homes or on the street. The might be enemies in their TV show, but in real-life they are BFF's. They get to work together and enjoy spending time at each others' house. Talk about cool huh? Every V-Lover loves their strong and true friendship!

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Mercina Fans


  • Both are really good friends with each other.
  • Both have a tattoo.
  • Both are Argentinean.
  • Both have a name that start with the letter M.
  • Both are actresses and singers.
  • They are currently working for Violetta in Concert.
  • They both love their fans.
  • They both are currently working on Season 3 of Violetta.
  • They both are single.


  • Their relationship is totally different to the one between Violetta and Ludmila.
  • They are best friends on the set of Violetta.
  • Martina's mom, Mariana, loves Mercedes like her own daughter.