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Full Name

Milton Vinicius



Resides in

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Brazil (former, possibly)


Singing teacher

Eye Color


Hair Color



Studio On Beat

First Episode

Season 3, Episode 1

Portrayed By

Rodrigo Frampton

Milton is a new teacher at Studio On Beat. He is the singing teacher and the replacement of Angie. Milton is a very negative character and shouts at all the new students but he doesn't want the other teacher's to know about it. He is the new "mean" teacher of the studio.


  • He doesn't like Gregorio Casal.
  • He possibly knew Pablo Galindo before.
  • He doesn't like any new students.
  • Many students at Studio On Beat quit because of Milton.
  • It's possible that he's from Brazil, because his actor Rodrigo Frampton, is from Brazil.
  • He might have known Angie before, because in episode 28, they hugged, and Angie seemed to know him.
  • He shares many similarities to Gregorio in Season 1, both were a main antagonist of the series, they both treated their students badly, and both almost caused Studio On Beat to be closed down for their own personal reasons, which resulted in them being fired.
    • However, unlike Gregorio who later changed his ways, Milton never learned from his mistakes and caused more damage to Studio On Beat than Gregorio did.
    • In addition, while Gregorio was not aware that his actions in Season 1 would almost cause the studio to be closed down and its students to quit, Milton was completely aware of the consequences of his actions, but simply did not care.
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