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Mirta Wons
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Mirta Wons




March 12, 1964

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Olga Peña

Mirta Wons (born March 12, 1964) is an Argentine actress of film, television and theatre. She has appeared in a lot of movies, TV shows, theater performances, and earned various awards. She is currently starring as Olga Peña on the Disney Channel Original Series Violetta.

Life and career

Her grandparents were Polish Jews who fled Poland after the Nazi's invasion. After finishing high school she studied to be a kindergarten teacher. She worked for two years with kindergarten children. Meanwhile, she started to study theater. She started theater courses with Hugo Midon (1944-2011), and she also spent several years studying with Ricardo Bartis, then three more years studying with Ricky Pashkus. She studied acting for many years, while working in other areas: school secretary, babysitter, and selling jewellery once in a neighbourhood. She took dance classes, musical comedy courses, acrobatic lessons, and singing (with Carlos Gianni). She worked in theater after selling cassettes at CD functions.

She portrayed Mrs. Flimsey alongside Joaquín Berthold in the 2009 film Lucky Luke. In 2012-2015 she portrayed the character Olga Peña on the Disney Channel Original Series, Violetta.


Year Title Role
1998 Alas, poder y pasión Marta
1999 El amateur Unknown
1999 ¡Trillizos, dijo la partera! Sabrina Mastronardi
1999 Cabecita China
2000 Tiempo final Unknown
2001 El sodero de mi vida Titi
2001 Tre moglie María Ausilia
2002 Un aplauso para el asador Unknown
2002 ¿Quién es Alejandro Chomski? Unknown
2002-03 Son amores Zully

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  • She is half Polish.
  • Her zodiacal sign is Pisces.
  • She loves all the cast members.
  • She has a cousin, who lives in Copenhagen.


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