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For all the Naxistas, Naxi is sweetest and cutest couple ever. At the beginning, Naty and Maxi were totally different, one is a demon and another one is an angel. But after a long time, they start to develop feelings for each other and they have a lot in common too. They are shipped by everyone, except Ludmila, who just want Naty to spend all her time with her. After many romantics moments, they officially become a couple, but sadly they are broken up because of Ludmila (again...). If you're wishing to see the full story of Naxi, click here.

This is a club for all the Naxistas. Add your name if you love Naxi, the cutest couple ever <3


Naxi's Best Moments




Violetta 2 Maxi y Naty se besan - Capitulo 70

Naxi first kiss


Violetta - Maxi, enamorado

Naxi's best moments from season 1


Violetta 2 Maxi y Naty vuelven y se besan - Capitulo77-0

Second kiss


Violetta 2 Naty besa a Maxi - Capitulo 80

Naty kisses Maxi - the third kiss


Maxi & Naty = Naxi (Because of you)-0