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Pablangie kiss
Characters Shipped

Pablo Galindo and Angie Carrará




Packie, Germangie

Portrayed by

Ezequiel Rodríguez and Clara Alonso

Pablangie (Pabl/o and Angie) is a friendship/romantic pairing between Pablo Galindo and Angie Carrará.


In the first episode, Pablo and Angie were seen running together, and Angie told Pablo about her niece, Violetta, and she said she was coming to the city, and Pablo told her to go tell her the truth about who she really is (Violetta's aunt). Later on, when Pablo became the director of the Studio, he and Angie hugged. As the time passed, they became closer to each other, and each time Pablo tried to tell Angie how he feels about her, he couldn't because he was afraid. They shared their first kiss in episode 33 in season 1, but they officially became a couple in episode 39, whhen they shared their second kiss.

Later on, Angie got more and more confused about her feelings, and she ended up kissing Germán, which made Pablo angry, and they decide to break up, even though they still had feelings for each other.




  • Pablo has black hair, Angie has blonde hair.
  • Angie loves Germán, but Pablo seems to dislike him a little.
  • Pablo likes Jackie, but Angie hates her.


  • At the beginning of the series, they were just friends. But later on, they started to develop their feelings for each other.
  • Pablo was the first one to know Angie's secret that she's Violetta's aunt.
  • Pablo got jealous whenever Rafa Palmer was around Angie.
  • Angélica, Angie's mom, ships Pablangie.


Song - The Pablangie song could be "Algo se enciende" because Pablo helped Angie work on the song, and she sang it to him during that.

Episode - The Pablangie episode is episode 39 in season 1, because they shared their second kiss and they became a couple.

Color - TBA

Place - The Pablangie place could be Studio On Beat, since they both work there. Another Pablangie place could be the Castillo house, because they shared their first kiss in front of there.


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