Ramallo Personal space!
-Several episodes

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Rolga kiss
Characters Shipped

Olga Peña and Lisandro Ramallo





Portrayed by

Alfredo Allende and Mirta Wons

Rolga (R/amallo and Olga) is the romantic pairing between Lisandro Ramallo and Olga Peña

At the beginning, Ramallo didn't feel anything for Olga, even though she had a huge crush on him. But when Olga meets Oscar Cardoso, Emma Toledo's bodyguard, she falls in love with him and Ramallo gets very jealous. 


At the beginning of the series, Olga had a huge crush on Ramallo but Ramallo didn't feel the same way. Ramallo always tried to avoid Olga and he kept telling her not to invade his 'Personal Space'.

Other Names

  • Ralga (Ra/mallo and O/lga)
  • Olmallo (Ol/ga and Ra/mallo)



  • Both live in the same house 
  • Both work for Germán Castillo, Olga is his housemaid and Ramallo is his assistant.
  • Both knew about Violetta's secret
  • Both dislike Jade and Matías.
  • Both love and care about Violetta a lot.
  • Both were some of the first to know Angie's secret.
  • Both knew about Herman's secret before Violetta. 


  • Olga likes Oscar Cardoso but Ramallo hates him.
  • Olga is very dramatic but Ramallo is very sensible.
  • Olga is good at making coffee, but Ramallo isn't.


  • Olga calls Ramallo 'Ramallito'
  • Olga dislike when Ramallo takes food from the kitchen.
  • Ramollo asks Olga to marry him in Season 3.


Song - The Rolga song is 'Espacio Personal' because they sang that song together when Olga invaded Ramallo's personal space.

Episode - The Rolga episode is episode 80 of Season 2 because they shared a kiss in that episode.

Color - The Rolga color is Beige because that's the base color of the kitchen where they usually talk to each other.

Place - The Castillo house is the Rolga place because they both live and work there.