Together we are stronger
— Studio On Beat's motto
Studio On Beat
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Buenos Aires, Argentina


Pablo Galindo

Studio On Beat (formerly Studio 21) is a very prestigious and one of the best arts academies in Buenos Aires where Violetta and the rest of the students take dance, sing and music lessons.


Studio On Beat (formerly Studio 21) was founded by António, who sometimes takes the role of the principal. It is one of the best arts academy schools in Buenos Aires. The director is currently Pablo, even though he quit his job after the big show in Season 1. After that, Gregorio became the principal. But later, Pablo came back and now he is the principal again. Jeg vet det hvem stå bak scenen det er Ludmilla som gjorde kutt sending bak kamera




  • The Studio was founded by António.
  • The Studio has ran out of money twice.
  • It's likely that the school year starts around November-December and ends around February.
  • The Studio might have around 4-5 levels.


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