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Hi, I'm Gabriela! I'm 17 year old girl and I come from Portugal! Although I'm American and English. After nearly two years away from the Wikia I am finally back! I feel as if I've arrived home to my second family! It's one of the best feelings in the world! I love to reading, writing, singing, drawing and baking. I play the keyboard and guitar. I speak English, Portuguese and Spanish. I'm learning Italian with my dearest Lia's help. I like watching Liv & Maddie and Violetta. I'm Jorgista, Tinista, Comellista, Ruggista & Mechista. I'm also a whole lot more. My interests have have change and grown I love and support all of these fandoms listed Alexa Mae, Ariana Grande, Bea Miller, Brent Rivera, Christian Delgrosso, Daniel Skye, Demi Lovato, Dylan O'Brien, Dove Cameron, Eva Gutowski, Fifth Harmony, Gabe Erwin, Gabriel Conte, Justin Bieber, Holland Roden, LaurDIY, Lele Pons, Little Mix, Lodovica Comello, Madison Beer, Old Magcon, Shawn Mendes, Selena Gomez, Sierra Furtado, 5SOS,Tini Stoessel & Taylor Swift. Liv & Maddie, Pretty Little Liars, Scream Queens, Teen Wolf, The 100, The Fosters, The Shannara Chronicles, The Vampire Diaries & Violetta.

Amelia79: What can I say about Lia? She's an incredible administrador on the Violeta Wiki and an incredible chat moderator on the Violetta Fanon Wiki. I love this girl! She's such a true friend! She's always there when I need her the most, she's just a loyal and reliable friend. Love her honest and her true friendship. She never fails to make me smile brighter.

Almost two years later and I made so happy other friends online although no one could ever compare to this amazing girl. She's unique, one of kind and incredible. I'm so happy to have her back in my life! It felt as if I lost a part of myself when I left. She's still and always will be one of my favorite online besties!

Leonetta4ever: Violetta! She's A-W-E-S-O-M-E! She's was my first BFF on the Violetta Wiki, she's so sweet, kind and amazing! We're twins that were separated at birth. We love talking and fangirling about Jorge Blanco. We always have such an amazing time talking to each other. I can tell Vilu anything!

was informed what happened to her, which I have to say is shame to have heard. I really liked her!

Francesca14601: Fran is the funniest girl I know, she's always laughing and is always happy! She's love Lodovica, Ruggero and Jorge just as much as I do. She's crazy just like me and she loves making sure things are in order.

Guess who's back Fran?! I've missed you so much girl!

Rachelkawaii: She's not only another BFF of mine, but she's like my twin sister, she's also the sweetiest girl! I'm so glad that I met her! We both LOVE Violetta and Emmelie de Forest so much! Her edits are out of this world! She's incredibly talented girl she speaks so many languages! She is always making me smile! We love are huge Candistas and Ruggistas!

My dearest Rachel how I've missed you and I am so glad to finally be back! I feel as if I arrived back home to my second family!

Violetlover1234: What can I say about Violet? She's just a sweet and kind girl, who is such a true and honest friend that you definitely count on at any time.

We have to get in touch again, since I'm back!      

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My favorite character is
Violetta Castillo!

My favorite character is

My favorite character is
Ludmila Ferró!

My favorite character is
Francesca Caviglia!

My favorite character is
Camila Torres!

My favorite character is

My favorite character is
Lena Vidal!

Character Pairings

Leonetta 2nd kiss.png
I totally ship

Naxi kiss 3.JPG
I totally ship

Fedemila kiss (1).jpg
I totally ship

Germangie kiss.jpg
I totally ship

Marcesca 1st kiss.jpg
I totally ship


Martina Stoessel.png
I am a fan of
Martina Stoessel!

Jorge Blanco 2013.jpg
I am a fan of
Jorge Blanco!

Mercedes Lambre 2013.jpg
I am a fan of
Mercedes Lambre!

Lodovica Comello 2013.jpg
I am a fan of
Lodovica Comello!

Candelaria Molfese 2013.jpg
I am a fan of
Candelaria Molfese!

Ruggero Pasquarelli.JPG
I am a fan of
Ruggero Pasquarelli!

Alba Rico Navarro.jpg
I am a fan of
Alba Rico!

Clara Alonso 2013.jpg
I am a fan of
Clara Alonso!

Facundo Gambandé 2013 (1).jpg
I am a fan of
Facundo Gambandé!

Diego Domínguez 2013.jpg
I am a fan of
Diego Domínguez!

Cast Pairings

I totally ship

I totally ship

I totally ship

I totally ship

I totally ship

Jorge and Valeria.jpg
I totally ship

I totally ship


Season 1

En Mi Mundo.jpg
My favorite song is
En Mi Mundo!

Destinada a Brillar (12).jpg
My favorite song is
Destinada A Brillar!

Algo Suena En Mi.jpg
My favorite song is
Algo Suena En Mi!

Juntos Somos Más.png
My favorite song is
Juntos Somos Más!

Te Creo.png
My favorite song is
Te Creo!

Entre Tú y Yo.png
My favorite song is
Entre Tú y Yo!

Template:Voy por Ti

Veo Veo.png
My favorite song is
Veo Veo!

Dile Que Sí.png
My favorite song is
Dile Que Sí!

Junto a Ti.jpg
My favorite song is
Junto A Ti!

Ven y Canta.png
My favorite song is
Ven Y Canta!

Habla Si Puedes.png
My favorite song is
Habla Si Puedes!

Tienes Todo.png
My favorite song is
Tienes Todo!

Ahí estaré.jpg
My favorite song is
Ahí Estaré!

Verte De Lejos.jpg
My favorite song is
Verte De Lejos!

Are You Ready For The Ride?.png
My favorite song is Are You Ready For The Ride?!

Season 2

My fave song is Nuestro Camino.jpg
My favorite song is
Nuestro Camino!

Podemos (52).jpg
My favorite song is

Hoy Somos Más.jpg
My favorite song is
Hoy Somos Más!

Alcancemos Las Estrellas.jpg
My favorite song is
Alcancemos Las Estrellas!

Yo Soy Así.jpg
My favorite song is
Yo Soy Así!

Entre Dos Mundos.jpg
My favorite song is
Entre Dos Mundos!

My favorite song is

Código Amistad.jpg
My favorite song is
Código Amistad!

On Beat.jpg
My favorite song is
On Beat!

Cómo Quieres.jpg
My favorite song is
Cómo Quieres!

Peligrosamente Bellas.jpg
My favorite song is
Peligrosamente Bellas!

Luz, Cámara, Acción.jpg
My favorite song is
Luz, Cámara, Acción!

Si Es Por Amor.jpg
My favorite song is
Si Es Por Amor!

Soy Mi Mejor Momento.jpg
My favorite song is
Soy Mi Mejor Momento!

Esto No Puede Terminar.png
My favorite song is
Esto No Puede Terminar!


Violetta original logo.png
I am an

Violetta original logo.png
I love the show