Fanon characters shipped

Violet Letra and Emily


Best friends


Vachel, Vthan

Made up by

Ally2002 and DjCadence ThePenguin

Violet and Emily are best friends and they like to hang together a lot along with Rachel. They like to play with Elmo and they often have sleepovers too, they mostly like to hang at the Emily's living or at the Resto Band.

Vemily is a pairing made up by Ally2002  and DjCadence ThePenguin.


Emily and Violet first met in late 2013 at a New Year's Eve party. Since then, they have been very good friends, even best friends, along with Rachel. They share secrets, text each other, and have loads of fun together.

Other names

  • Vioily (Vio/let and Em/ily)


  • They met at a New Year's Eve party.
  • Emily and Rachel were the first ones who found out that Violet is Violetta's cousin.