*Not to be confused with Violetta Castillo, the main character from the TV Show.
Violetta logo
Starring Martina Stoessel
Pablo Espinosa (Season 1)
Jorge Blancoo
Diego Domínguez (Season 2 and 3)
Mercedes Lambre
Diego Ramos
Clara Alonso
Opening theme En Mi Mundo (In My Own World), performed by Martina Stoessel
Country of origin Argentina,Spain(season 2)
Language(s) Spanish
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 240
Diego Carabelli
Producer(s) Tomas Goldschmidt
Location(s) Buenos Aires, Argentina,
Running time 40 minutes
Pol-ka Producciones
Original channel Disney Channel
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)
Original airing May 14, 2012 (Latin America)

Violetta is a kids-oriented telenovela that first aired on the Disney Channel Latin America on May 14, 2012. The show is a co-production between Disney Channel Latin America, Disney Channel Europe, Disney Channel Middle East, Disney Channel Africa and Argentine production company Pol-ka Producciones. Violetta features a multinational cast, and tells the story of "Violetta Castillo", a musically talented teenager who returns to her hometown to "find love", and explore her passion for music. The show is shot entirely in Buenos Aires.

After the big reception from the audience in Latin America, Italy, Spain, France and Israel, Violetta started airing in the rest of Europe, including Russia, Central Europe, Northern Europe, East Europe, Africa, Middle East and The Caribbeans.


Violetta is a talented teenage girl who loves singing, yet she doesn't know about it. She got her talent from her mother, a famous singer who died in an accident when Violetta was a little girl. Germán, her father, is a successful man, and even if he's harsh, he loves her daughter. Blinded by sadness, he decides to hide the past to Violetta and the destiny of her mother, because he gets scared that her daughter might end up like her mother.

After Violetta's mother accident, Violetta moved to Madrid with her father, and he raised her avoiding any contact with kids from her age. Despite that, Germán knows Violetta is talented when it comes to music, and he encourages her to take piano lessons, but he also tries to keep her away from everything related to singing and acting.

Everything will change when they return to their hometown, Buenos Aires. Violetta starts to take piano lessons in the prestigious music school called Studio 21 (later Studio On Beat). She will meet Angie, her teacher and governess, and because of her, Violetta will find out about her talent. Also, Violetta will meet new people who will be there with her during her learning.

Violetta will also meet Tomás and León, two guys with completely different personalities, and both will try to win Violetta's heart.


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