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On the Violetta Fanon Wiki, we have a specific category guide that must be followed all around the Violetta Fanon Wiki for all the users. This guide for categories will explain what categories are the best to add to any article, so please keep them in mind when editing any page's categories.


  • Characters
  • Main/Recurring Characters
  • Male/Female Characters
  • Season # Characters
  • Violetta


  • Pairings
  • Character/Cast Pairings
  • Characters/Cast


  • Songs
  • Music
  • Season # Songs
  • Season #


  • Cast
  • Main/Recurring Cast
  • Male/Female Cast
  • Actors
  • Violetta


  • Galleries
  • Images
  • Character/Cast/Song Galleries
  • Characters/Cast/Songs
  • Season # Songs (if needed)
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