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This wiki has a set of general rules for users with rights that must be followed by every admin, bureaucrat, rollback and chat moderator on the wiki.

General rules


  1. Administrators can not use their powers in a wrong way on the wiki; this means no power abuse.
  2. If you are an admin, you should be as polite as possible with every user.
  3. Do not be mean to users, especially with new ones or hardworking ones.
  4. Do not lock pages so only admins can edit them if it's not the case, although you can lock some of the most important pages on the wiki so only registered users can edit them.
  5. Do not start fights between users.
  6. If there is some kind of conflict, try to solve it the friendliest and nicest was possible.
  7. Do not promote other users before discussing this with the head administrator of this wiki.
  8. Do not remind/warn/block users for no reason.


  1. Do not promote other users to administrators, bureaucrats, rollbacks or chat moderators before asking the head administrator.
  2. You can't use your bureaucrat powers in a wrong way (aka power abuse).
  3. Do not remove others administration team members' rights on the wiki.
  4. Do not remind/warn/block users for no reason.


  1. Do not use your rollback powers in a wrong way, thing that will not be accepted.
  2. Do not revert edits that are made in good faith.
  3. Make sure to keep an eye on pages to see if someone vandalized them, and if so, please revert the edits as soon as possible.

Chat moderators

  1. Do not use your rights in a wrong way, all chat moderators must be as nice as possible.
  2. Do not be mean to other users on the wiki, especially on the chat.
  3. Do not kick/ban users from the chat for no reason.
  4. Make sure people don't swear on the chat, and if they do, kick or ban them from the chat.
  5. Be as nice and friendly as possible to users on the chat, especially newcomers.